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07 23 15 Bombay 070 #2

I parked my car along Bear Swamp Pool, and just sat and watched for awhile this afternoon. An unusual movement in the reeds caught my attention. A Least Bittern was hunting for minnows at the edge of the water. Can you see him in the photograph above? Here… let me blow it up for you.

07 23 15 Bombay 070

There he is, hidden away behind the first row of reeds. The Least Bittern is both one of the smallest bitterns and arguably, one of the shyest. They prefer to stay in dense reed thickets where they are surprisingly well camouflaged.

07 23 15 Bombay 071

As soon as I took the first photo, this fellow immediately took off deeper into the reeds. These were the only two photos I could take before he scurried away.